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What types of organizations do you fund?

LAST UPDATED May 26 2020

We only grant to certain organizations with 501(c)(3) public charity status that are clearly faith-based.  We will consider requests from foreign faith-based organizations that already have an equivalency determination status certificate as equivalent to a public charity.


Organizations of the following types may apply:

501(c)(3) organizations further classified as: 509(a)(1) – 170(b)(1)(A)(i) through 170(b)(1)(A)(vi), or 509(a)(2)

Churches in the USA

Organizations with current equivalency determination status as a public charity


Organizations of the following types will not receive consideration:

509(a)(3) supporting organizations

Private foundations

501(c)(4) organizations

For-profit organizations

Foreign organizations that do not have current equivalency determination status



Only individuals authorized by the central leadership of an organization may submit on behalf of that organization.